Teacher & Staff Favorites

If you have a TCE teacher or staff member on your holiday shopping list, note the “Teacher and Staff Favorites” have been updated for the 2020/2021 school year!! Please view by grade level or group (download). (Note: On certain mobile devices, if the link comes up blank, please click the “download icon” at the top of the spreadsheet for full access).

Also, each grade level has the option to celebrate a school wide Special Area Teacher(s) as listed below! If you choose to participate, our suggestions for Special Area Teachers include a handmade gift or card, $5 gift card, etc. Their favorites can be found in the “Special Areas Team” section in the link above. We have also listed all of the grade level Instructional Assistants in case you need help identifying which assistant may be working with your child. If you would like to support any of the front office staff, custodial, cafe, etc., please note all of the other TCE staff favorites are also included in the link above! Please always remember this is entirely optional!

Due to the full remote schooling, the front office is happy to collect any deliveries by ringing the bell out front during school hours through the end of this week (12/18). If you have any questions about any of the Special Area Teachers or Instructional Assistants, please reach out directly to your child’s Room Parent. THANK YOU!!

Special Area Teams (each grade adopts a Special Area at the holidays!):

  • K: Art (Friedl, Sharron)
  • 1st: PE (Sweeney, Burton)
  • 2nd: Music (Brawley, Ablan)
  • 3rd: Tech Lab (Dookhith)
  • 4th: SEL (Cortell, Griffin)
  • 5th: Science Lab (Reid)

Instructional Assistants:

  • K:  Shore, Kalgren
  • 1st:  Hinrichs, Dimos
  • 2nd:  Desch, Hart
  • 3rd:  Grosskopf
  • 4th:  Greer
  • 5th:  Williams
  • EC: Morris, Beckett, Freed, Schultz, Roberts, Christopher