2017-2018 TCE PTA Nomination Information


Have you ever considered getting more involved at Torrence Creek? Well, here is your chance. It is time for the 2017-2018 PTA nominations and we need dedicated volunteers willing to serve as PTA officers and PTA committee chairs. Take a look at the descriptions outlined in this packet and consider lending your talents and interests to the TCE PTA.

If you are interested in one of these positions or know someone who is worthy of nomination, please complete the Nomination Form and return it to your child’s teacher by April 6 2017. You do not have to be a current PTA member to nominate or to be nominated. If you are interested in more than one office or committee, please indicate your order of preference by marking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.                                                            Please return the PTA Nomination Form to your student’s teacher by April 6, 2017.     

Feel free to contact any of us with questions or concerns.

PTA Nomination Committee

Adrienne Hill medicgirlemt1979@gmail.com

Tiffany Carranza jbprettygirls@gmail.com

Ashley Caban ashley.caban@yahoo.com

Wendy Shaw wendyshaw33@gmail.com

Janell Snipes jwtsnipes@gmail.com

Heather Culm heatherculm@gmail.com

Dihann Holder diahann_holder@yahoo.com


Officers will be elected at the PTA General Meeting on May 4, 2017.

Leads the PTA; Presides over Executive Committee meetings, Board of Directors Meetings & General PTA meetings; Serves on the School Leadership Team (SLT); Works with the Principal and PTA Treasurer regarding allocation of money; Responds to information requests from parents & staff; Publicly represents Torrence Creek PTA; Works closely with Advocacy, Community Service, Publicity, School Mates, Webmaster, and Yearbook committees; Maintains PTA Calendar

Vice President – Fundraising
Coordinates efforts of Fundraising committees: Book Fair, Box Tops & Retail Links, Community Nights, Fall/Spring Fundraiser, Pretzel Days, and Spirit Wear

Vice President – School Support/Parent Involvement
Coordinates efforts of School Support committees: Beautification, Room Parents, Staff Appreciation, Volunteers, and Welcoming

Vice President – Family Events
Coordinates efforts of Family Events committees: Family Fun Nights, Father/Daughter Dance, and Mother/Son Event

Receives and disburses all monies as prescribed in the by-laws; Maintains accurate and detailed financial records to present to the PTA board and at general PTA meetings; Helps prepare budget, submits all financial records for monthly review by audit committee, files all tax forms and reports required in a timely manner, including but not limited to tax returns, prepares a year-end financial report, provides detailed reports per budget itemized categories (include budget, income and expenditures); Collaborates closely with Curriculum Programs and Supply Packs

Records, compiles & distributes minutes of all PTA Board meetings and general PTA meetings; Maintains all PTA organizational documents, including copy of official membership roster; Coordinates efforts of Membership committee

Note: Officers serve a minimum of one year, but can serve up to two years


Please check the committee(s) you may be interested in CHAIRING and/or CO-CHAIRING for 2017-2018. If you are interested in more than one committee, please indicate your order of preference with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. These are voluntary positions. You do not need to be elected. Please return the 2017-2018 Committee Form to your child’s teacher by April 6, 2017.  

Advocacy – Works closely with PTA President to identify issues and concerns related to the health and educational success of student body; organizes/attends activities, meetings and programs to address these needs and educate families

Book Fair – Plans and coordinates Fall and Spring Book Fairs

Box Tops/Retail Links – Organizes collection of Box Tops and Retail Links to earn rewards for school

Community Nights– Plans and coordinates restaurant and other community businesses’ school spirit night fundraising

Community Service – Works with President to identify community needs and organize community service projects; maintains TCE Lost and Found

Curriculum Programs – Coordinates and organizes in school programs (educational and cultural) that support curriculum

Beautification– Maintains a portion of outdoor landscaping near the school; collaborates with other committees to plan and coordinate beautification projects throughout school year

Family Fun Nights – Plans and coordinates family-centered activities for Family Fun Nights

Father/Daughter Dance – Plans and coordinates Father/Daughter Dance

Membership – Coordinates PTA membership drive; enters local PTA members names and email addresses into the NCPTA database by the 15th of each month; prints and distributes PTA Membership Cards; works with PTA Secretary to maintain accurate PTA membership records

Mother/Son Event –Plans and coordinates the Mother/Son Event

Pretzel Days – Manages pretzel sales; coordinates monthly pickup and delivery

Publicity – Serves as the liaison between the local media and the PTA; maintains TCE marquee; updates social media platforms

Room Parents – Oversees the Room Parent volunteers; serves as liaison between the PTA, school and room parents

School Fundraisers – Helps plan and coordinate the PTA fundraisers; maintains accurate records and forwards monies to PTA Treasurer

School Mates – helps plan and coordinate efforts to build relationships, help provide aid and resources to our School Mates partner

Spirit Wear – Coordinates design and sales of Spirit Wear Merchandise

Staff Appreciation – Coordinates the efforts of the PTA to demonstrate gratitude for the school’s staff

Supply Packs – Coordinates sale of prepackaged school supplies in the Spring and delivery of supplies in the Fall

Volunteers – Recruits volunteers as needed, creates and maintains database of volunteers, distributes list to officers and chairpersons

Webmaster – Maintains PTA website; responsible for collection of information and announcements for distribution of the PTA eNewsletter; works with President to maintain PTA calendar

Welcoming – Coordinates efforts to welcome new families to the school; provides school tours

Yearbook – Collects information and pictures; designs and assembles school yearbook; assists with picture days

A special Thank You!

Big THANK YOU to Two Men and A Truck of Charlotte!

When they heard about the great things our TCE Quarter Notes are doing, they decided to make sure the group was recognized.

The Quarter Notes were among the select 14 musical ensembles invited to perform March 20th at the Blumenthal Performing Arts A Musical Showcase Competition Celebrating Excellence. The group was selected along with High School and Middle School orchestras, ensembles and other musical groups. They were awarded $500 for being selected and will compete for a $1,000 prize at the Showcase.

The show is March 20th and tickets are still available via http://carolinatix.org/

Good Luck Quarter Notes! #TCERocksScreen Shot 2017-03-12 at 3.32.46 PM

CMS Student Assignment Plan – Phase II Meeting

Below are the notes taken at the February 7th meeting with CMS Superintendant Ann Clark.  The meeting was held at Grand Oak Elementary and was attended by parents and teachers from Grand Oak, Torrence Creek and Huntersville Elementary.

Similar meetings have been held across the district.  For additional information please vist CMS Student Assignment website or contact Torrence Creek Elementary.  There are also 2 photos from the Student Assignment Website that you may find useful. 


February 7th, 2017              

SLT Meeting, Grand Oak Elementary     

Guest: Ann Clark, CMS superintendent

  • Introduction and welcome to SLT members from Grand Oak and Torrence Creek.
  • Discussion was to focus on the 2nd phase of CMS boundaries and the process. Ann made it clear that at this time there was no preconceived plan and she has not received any guidance for how to move forward from the Board of Education at this time. Once she has that info she will begin to craft a plan.
  • Board is collecting feedback from principals, SLT’s, and through parent community meetings all over the district to help set priorities.
  • The focus will be on preserving/expanding programs that work, keeping proximity to home for students and reducing the concentration of poverty in some schools. They will be looking at ways to honoring these principles without creating chaos.
  • She made it clear there will not be “controlled choice”. Parents will continue to have home schools and it won’t be a lottery situation.
  • In addition to the community meetings and feedback from staff, Ann has done over 60 coffees (including one previously at Grand Oak) to help spread the word and make sure that parent concerns are addressed. This is her 2nd visit to Grand Oak this year.
  • The goal will be to begin the process in late February/March and once the plan is created CMS will go back in to the impacted communities to share info and get additional feedback.
  • Every student will continue to have a home school option with close proximity to their school.

Questions asked by SLT members:

  1. What are benefits of re-drawing the boundaries?
  2. Did all of the community engagement sessions have the same 6 core questions?
  3. With regards to the land owned in this area, what is the time line for a possible new high school?
  4. Is CMS still planning to announce changes by June so parents can decide what they want to do for their children?
  5. I know the goal is to help schools not performing well, how can this process work to do that?
  6. Will these boundary changes potentially improve the bus issues that we have faced this year?
  7. Many parents are concerned about the eye cancer scare at Hopewell, what can you tell us about it?

Some of the responses:

  • We are looking at making sure that neighborhoods stay together as they move from school to school when possible.
  • The boundary changes also can impact the overcrowding situations in some schools.
  • During the community meetings they are getting the same questions and all information is being collected electronically so they can capture parent feedback accurately.
  • Overall all of the community sessions have been well attended and SLT’s have gone through a similar process for feedback (teacher and parent).
  • CMS does have several pieces of land in the northern part of the county and they are always having discussions on how the plots of land would work for a new high school- they know they will need one eventually but not on this bond.
  • The new bond has 28 projects on it and parents can review them on the CMS website- there are not many in the north for this bond but there was over 200 million spent in the north in the 2 previous bonds.
  • The north is getting a new middle school this year for JM Alexander Middle School and the old site across the street will become a K-8 language immersion magnet school in the near future.
  • CMS will typical put up a bond to vote every 3 years and it will be key for this to be passed so that it is funded and other projects (some in the north) can be funded in the next cycle. This is our largest bond request in sometime.
  • She believes that a new high school will be in the north in less than 10 years but it will still be a while.
  • Hough is a big high school but not beyond capacity yet- soon though.
  • The project list on the CMS website (of proposed improvements) are re-evaluated yearly and modifications are made.
  • She expects the board to give her guidance soon and she hopes to begin sharing recommendations in May 2017. There will be no changes to boundaries in the 2017-2018 school year. Any changes would start in 2018-2019 at the soonest.
  • CMS is adding more and more magnet choices in the north to allow for parental choice. Examples are the IB programs, Cambridge, Language Immersion, CPCC Merancas High School, and the technical options at North Meck.
  • Ann shared that 40% of our schools in CMS have 70% or more poverty.
  • In regards to the eye cancer scare at Hopewell she shared that they have done every test that they can think of and have worked closely with the Meck. County Health Dept. She has also met with the mayor of Huntersville to make sure they were on the same page about tests completed and steps taken. CMS has done tests over and above what was recommended and there were no results that showed a connection. The medical community also seems perplexed- more info was shared by parents and CMS will look further in to that and she also asked for parents to notify the mayor as well.
  • If parents ever hear something in the community it is key to ask questions to the principal so they can investigate and get more information. That will help reduce false information and hopefully eliminate fear. She wants things to be transparent.

Meeting ended at 8:10 PM



What is that A+ rating all about?

You may remember our recent announcement that Torrence Creek has been awarded an A+ school status.  The School Leadership Team and PTA have partnered with our Administration and Staff to help you understand what this means to our school.  

What does being an A+ school mean?

  • North Carolina issues letter grades to each school based on:
    • Proficiency: Are students performing at or above grade level expectations?
    • Growth: How much progress did students make during the school year, regardless of where they started?
  • Proficiency accounts for 80% of the grade, while the remaining 20% is based on growth
  • To receive an A+ rating, a school must:
    • Have at least 85% of students test at or above grade level, and
    • Maintain achievement gaps between groups of students (such as racial and income groups) that are no larger than state averages.

How does TCE stack up with other CMS schools?

  • TCE was one of only 10 CMS elementary schools to receive an A+ rating for 2015-2016! Only 16 out of 165 schools, system wide, earned an A+ rating.  This was made up of 10 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 2 high schools, and 3 charter schools
  • 85% of our students tested at or above grade level, and we met all 10, or 100%, of measurable learning growth targets set by the Federal Government
  • Low achievement gaps earned our school the + rating designation
  • We outperformed many of the other local elementary schools
  • As our school has become more diverse, our student achievement has also increased

What else sets TCE apart from other schools?

  • The quality of our teachers
    • 100% of TCE teachers are fully licensed
    • 8% hold advanced degrees
    • 8% have more than 4 years of experience, with 55.2% having more than 10 years of experience
    • Our staff currently employees the 2015-2016 CMS District Teacher Assistant of the Year and the 2015-2016 CMS North Learning Community Principal of the Year
  • Access to technology – The TCE PTA is working toward 1:1 ratio of digital devices per student
  • Our school is one of 6 CMS schools participating in the Cambridge International Program at the 4th and 5th grade level. This offers an academically rigorous curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking skills and inquiry based learning.  100% of the TCE students participating in Cambridge during 2015-2016 scored at the silver or gold levels on the Cambridge Progression Exams.
  • Our positive school climate and mission to serve the WHOLE child