Stay tuned in Fall 2021 for our next Direct Give Campaign!

Update (October 22, 2020): Thank you to all who supported this year’s Direct Give. We appreciate each and every donation and, together, you have helped us reach our fall fundraising goal!! Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported TCE not only through monetary donations but also by sending in Box Tops, grocery card links and offers to volunteer. We know where you decide to donate your resources and time are valuable and we are so thankful you chose TCE. Thank you for your incredible support and GO EAGLES!!!!!

Original Post (October 5, 2020):
It’s time for TCE’s 2020 Direct Give Campaign! This is a two-week fundraiser that kicks off on Monday, October 5th and ends on Friday, October 16th. The annual fall Direct Give Campaign is one of the PTA’s biggest fundraisers and 100% of your donations go directly back to our school.


If you are able, we are asking each family to consider a donation of $50 per student to our annual Direct Give Campaign as in prior years. However, we know these are very different times so please know a contribution in any amount (no matter the size) will help us sustain our programs for the current school year and beyond. Donations are due by Friday, October 16th and are 100% tax-deductible. A big thank you to everyone who has already supported this year’s campaign and for anyone considering a donation. We appreciate your support and could not do it without you!

Don’t forget Matching Gifts! Many companies match funds, so please check to see if your company is one of them and watch your contribution grow! This is a GREAT way to help us reach our goal! TCE PTA’s Tax ID# is 20-2485769 and the email for Matching Gifts is

*Note: Checks payable to “TCE PTA” can also be mailed/dropped off at the school! If you are writing a check, please email us at to let us know so that we can watch for it!

See videos, pictures and quotes below for a further description of each of the above initiatives!

What is Direct Give? This year our Direct Give Campaign is focusing on taking care of each other – our TCE Eagle community! This includes our teachers, staff and students. The funds raised will go to supporting the needs of our TCE community and to make virtual learning and the return to school successful. The annual fall Direct Give Campaign funds important PTA-supported school initiatives such as teacher stipends, direct school needs, educational programing, cultural programs, school beautification, technology updates and more!

Teacher Stipends: Watch this video from the Kindergarten teachers in Spring 2020 to share what their teacher stipends meant to them! Although all of our students aren’t in the building right now, the stipend budget will permit our teachers to prepare for their return and hit the ground running!
Teacher Stipends: Here’s Ms. Hinrichs in Spring 2020 to talk about the 2019/2020 teacher stipends for the teaching assistants!
Teacher Stipends: Ms. Reid talked to us in Spring 2020 about what her teacher stipend meant to the STEAM Science Lab!
Classroom Rugs: Your donations purchased new rugs for the ENTIRE school in 2019/2020, the first school wide rugs since the school opened in 2005!
Tricaster Broadcast System: Your donations enabled TCE to buy a TriCaster live broadcast system to modernize the TCE news studio! Check out this video from TCE students in Winter 2020!
Programs: The Programs budget allows the school to bring in extra learning opportunities, such as the in-school Planetarium and Number Drummer experiences!
Enrichment: The Enrichment budget supports grade level enrichment programs like Reading Eggs, Learning A-Z, Reflex and Dyknow (the comprehensive student device monitoring software used by teachers!)
Development: The Development budget supports substitutes for teachers during planning days and sends teachers to various developmental programs, such as NCTIES (educational tech conference) and North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT)
The Carrie Rickard Fund: Established in memory of a former TCE PTA President, Carrie Rickard, this fund is allocated for needs identified directly by the TCE school counselors, such as field trip support for students that might not be able to go and other family needs.
3D Printer: Donations from last year’s Direct Give enabled TCE to purchase its very first 3-D printer!
GaGa Pits, Field Day & Tech Field Day: Your donations paid for the materials so the PTA could build the much loved GaGa pits at school! It also helps to fund materials for Field Day and Tech Field Day in the spring!
Mural, medical supplies, crowd barriers, tower garden, etc.: The budget permits all kinds of miscellaneous needs to be fulfilled as they arise!

Below are a few more quotes from teachers last year about their stipends!

“I knew I needed a lot of storage when moving out to Eagle Village, so I used my money from the PTA to purchase storage ottomans and cubbies. It has been put to good use and is very much appreciated!”

-Mrs. Losito, 3rd Grade Teacher

“I am so appreciative for my PTA stipend!  I used my stipend this year to purchase sturdy plastic bins for each of my students to help keep them organized.  I also bought the cute numbers on them so I can assign them to students year after year.  The remainder of my stipend was used to enhance my classroom library with additional books.”

-Mrs. Seyler, 3rd Grade Teacher

“PTA, thank you so very much for our stipends each year.  It gives me the opportunity to prepare and welcome my new students.  Each summer and fall I am in need of materials to get started with the year such as nameplates and name tags, books, and bulletin board materials.  Throughout the year there are projects that require materials as well.  If parents are unable to supply or donate I can use the stipend to help.  The stipend helps enrich our classrooms and I feel very blessed to be a part of such a gracious and caring PTA.”

-Mrs. Ryan, 2nd grade

“This year I spent my money on IKEA bins, shelving and other classroom environment to help my children (and myself) stay a little bit more organized and make my classroom inviting.   ”

-Mrs. Griggs, 1st grade