“Book Review” and “Costume Contest” Winners!

Congratulations to all of our Eagles for their fantastic contributions to our “Book Review” and “Costume Contest” for the TCE Fall Book Fair! We loved ALL of the entries, thank you for participating and sharing your joy of reading!! Each winner receives free Scholastic Dollars to use at the Book Fair. Remember, you can shop TCE’s virtual Fall Book Fair now through Sunday, Nov 8! Be sure to login to order and TCE will earn 25% of your purchase in rewards!!!


Charleston Clark, K, Butler
Hudson Franklin, 1st grade, Childress
Madeline Clark, 2nd grade, Ryan
Annie Rista, 3rd grade, Seyler
Charlie Vesci, 4th grade, Pompee


Western Theme: 
Stephanie Gaither, 1st grade, Murphy
Ben Campbell, 4th grade, Pompee

Food Theme:
Henry Albright, 2nd grade, Amato
Joshua Gaither, 5th grade, Barefoot

Animal Theme:
Sullivan Chidester, 1st grade, Flatt
Leia Stout, 3rd grade, Losito

Heroes Theme:
Owen Campbell, K, Riggs
Lily Hoag, 5th grade, Beatty

Book Characters Theme: 
Allison Dannay Azua Montoya, K, Davis
Brendan Herman, 1st grade, Morgan 
Jesus Arturo Azua Montoya, 2nd grade, Amato/Lewis
Jacob Rosenthal, 4th grade, Arms